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Our Storage Unit Sizing and Pricing

We offer a variety of storage units at different sizes to fit your needs.  Our smallest size is 5x5 unit which is roughly the size of a small closet.  Our largest units are 11x30 which is enough space to store the contents of 6-7 rooms or to store items like multiple pieces of furniture

Our units are rented monthly giving you the option of short or long term storage.  

5x5 Unit 
$45 a month

A 5x5 unit is similar size to a large closet.  This is a good size for storing a few extra things or seasonal items. 

5x7 Unit 
$50 a month

Our 5 foot by 7 foot storage units offer slightly more space.  These units are a similar size to a small walk in closet

5x10 Unit 
$55 a month

Our 5x10 units offer 50 square feet of storage space.  This sizing is similar to a large walk in closet space.  

5x15 Unit 
$70 a month

Our 5x15 units offer 75 square feet of space.  This can fit the entire contents of a bedroom and a few additional items.   

10x10 Unit 
$90 a month

Our 10x10 units provide enough space to hold the contents of 2-3 rooms For example 2 bedrooms and a living area's worth of furniture and boxes.

10x15 Unit 
$100 a month

Our 10x15 units are roughly the size of a small room or spare room.  With everything packed nicely you can fit the contents of an entire 3 bedroom apartment.  

10x20 unit
$110 a month

Our large 10x20 units provide enough storage space for the contents of an entire home.  This is enough space for larger pieces of furniture and the contents of 4-5 rooms

11x30 unit
$150 a month

Our 11x30 units are our largest rentals.  These spaces are a great solution for over sized furniture or multiple pieces of furniture.  When packed well these units can fit the entire contents of 6-7 rooms

Need a Storage Unit?
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