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How To Properly Pack & Store Your Things

While our units are safe and secure we recommend packing your items properly and securely for storage to ensure your items don’t age or disintegrate.  Whether storing your items for a season or a few years, here are our top tips for packing your belongings for storage.   

Essentials Rules for Proper Storage

Storing items properly is key to preventing aging or desintegration of your items over the long term.  Here are are key tips for packing items properly.  

Chico Mini Storage - Clean 1.png

Clean and dust items before packing

Chico Mini Storage - no open box.png

Don’t leave containers opened or leave items exposed

Chico Mini Storage - Container.png

Use the right containers to control airflow and restrict light

Chico Mini Storage - Locked box.png

When necessary, store inside temperature-controlled, humidity-controlled, and low-light containerrs

Chico Mini Storage - upright furniture 1.png

Pack items in their intended orientation (For example standing up vs sideways)

Chico Mini Storage - Labels.png

Label your containers and keep things organized

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